Walking Short 2023 - 2024


John Knox


 Contact:    Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:        10.30am.
 Meetings:  1st & 3rd Wednesday of Month.
 Venue:        Various.

Walks up to four miles long
All are welcome.
Walks are both rural and urban and walked at a steady pace.
Details are published below.
Contact me with any queries number on newsletter.

The shorter walking group meets twice a month, walking at a steady pace in the relatively local area. It is a very friendly group and walks are no more than 4 miles. There is no limit to the group size and no commitment to take part in every walk. Brief details of each walk appear in advance on the u3a website. but you can contact Alison Peck, details are on the Newsletter and in the Members Area:
On 01st November 2023 the Short Walks group remembered Keith Sennitt . We were joined by his widow Hilary and their children Claire and Tim, along with Stan the dog, on a walk in North Cave where lots of happy memories were shared. We then enjoyed coffee at Hotham. Alison Peck

PLEASE NOTE: Locations shown are the nearest Parking to the Location required.

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 No Walks this month  
06th Sept
SE 999 371
HU17 8RY
10.30am 3 miles. Park on the main street near to the Mere. We walk behind the mere, up to Halfpenny Gate and back through Walkington Park.
20th Sept
Picnic site, Ings Road, Molescroft.
TA 029 414
HU17 9GP
09:45am 3.2 mile Flat walk to Leconfield, Meet in car park opposite the Hayride pub off Grange Way, Molescroft, 3.2 mile Flat walk to Leconfield, return via Wilberforce Way railway track route.
Please note the change of time for this walk only. This is to enable any group members who wish to, to be back in time for Keith Sennitt’s funeral that afternoon. As Keith was a regular member of the group I do not want to miss it.
04th Oct
Ferriby, Welton and Melton
SE 980 262
HU14 3BA
10.30am, 3 miles. Meet at the A63 end of Corby Park, North Ferriby. Crossing the A63, walking though the Terrace Plantation, along the Wolds Way, down into Welton and return through Melton. One long uphill then mainly downhill
18th Oct
Willerby and Golf Course
TA 032 292
HU10 6QG
10.30am, 3 miles. Park at Haltemprice Sports Centre. Flat walk on pavements, by the golf course, then Carr Lane, the Parkway and Gorton Road.
01st Nov
North Cave and Hotham
SE 896 326
HU15 2LW
/// rents.shine.encodes
10:30am Approx 3 miles. Parking in children’s play area opposite church, or on street if this is full. Walking on field side paths to Hotham and return through the park where we hope to be able to get a coffee (fingers crossed).
We will be joined on this walk by Hilary Sennitt, Keith’s wife, and their children who would like to meet Keith’s fellow walkers.
15th Nov
Brough Haven
SE 936 264
HU15 1ED
/// bells.fabric.merchant
10:30am Approx 3.6 miles. Meet in the car park for Brough Haven viewing area, just off Saltsground Road. Flat walking along the riverbank to Welton Waters and back skirting the new estate. Could be muddy in places.
06th Dec
Welton Dale
SE 957 272
HU15 1NB
/// mourner.germinate.successes
10:30am Parking in Welton opposite the church. Steep uphill on Chapel Hill towards Bow Plantation and Welton Wold Farm. Return via Welton Dale Estate.
20th Dec
Tranby Trail
TA 032 292
HU10 6QJ
/// when.onion.fruit
10:30am Park at Haltemprice Sports Centre. 3 miles, on pavements and some field paths.


03rd Jan
Willerby Bottom
TA 032 292
HU10 6QJ
/// when.onion.fruit
10:30am Park at Haltemprice Sports Centre. 4 mile easy walk on roads, paths and tracks.
17th Jan
Wauldby Farm and Nut Wood
SE 988 294
HU14 3RA
/// juices.grins.fevered
10:30am Park on track(Chalk Lane) off Melton Bottom to Little Wauldby Farm. Walking to the farm and dam then to Nut Wood and return.
07th Feb
SE 925 295
HU15 2DE
/// visions.replayed.office
10:30am Park on the side of the road into Ellerker, just down from the garden centre. Please do NOT park on the grass verge. 3.6 miles towards Brough, up to Brantingham, return via Woodvale Farm.
21st Feb
Molescroft to Leconfield
TA 029 414
HU17 9GP
/// slipped.clearing.variances
10:30am Meet in picnic area car park(Ings Lane) off Grange Way, Molescroft opposite Hayride pub. Flat 3.2 miles on field paths to Leconfield and return on old railway line.
06th Mar
SE 880 271
HU15 1RW
/// salutes.scam.pleaser
10:30am Park near to the village hall at the junction of Main St. and Carr Lane.
Flat 3.5 mile walk from village hall along field paths, canal side, to Weighton lock, along river bank to Cave crossing and back through the village.
20th Mar
Lazaat’s – Jillywood
TA 021 344
HU16 5SX
/// seagulls.awesome.bottle
10:30am Roadside parking at the top of Wood Hill Way, Cottingham, just before Lazaats.
Flat walking through the golf course to Burn Wood, returning via Jillywood Lane.
03rd Apr
SE 888 430
YO43 3HG
10:30am Park in car park on left off the main road into Goodmanham. 3.5 miles on roadsides and disused railway line to Market Weighton and back. Some gentle uphill. Some walkers may wish to lunch at the Goodmanham Arms after the walk.
17th Apr
SE 980 263
HU14 3BA
/// premiums.polygraph.cling
10:30am Park at the top of Corby Park, North Ferriby. Walking through Terrace Plantation,to Scout Camp, along Wolds Way to Bow Plantation, down into Welton and back to North Ferriby.
01st May
North Cave/Hotham
SE 896 326
HU15 2LW
/// rebounded.economies.vent
10:30am Park in the children's play area car park in North Cave, opposite the church. Mainly flat walk on some filed paths and some roads through Hotham. Possibility of a coffee wagon in the hall grounds on the return.
15th May
Brantingham/High Hunsley Circuit
SE 958 273
HU15 1NF
Leader: Pete Woodard.
Meet by 10:15am in Welton (opposite church. Locations shown.) to car share and drive in convoy to starting point. 3.7 mile circuit,
05th June
SE 964 526
YO25 9NN
Leader: Avril Armitage
10:30am Park in layby on the right just through Bainton. It is a 3.7 mile walk on country roads and field tracks.
19th June
North Cave - Wetlands
SE 896 326
HU15 2LW
/// rebounded.economies.vent
Leader: Keith Taylor, Sandra Maxwell.
10:30am. Park in the children's play area carpark in North Cave, opposite the church. Easy 3.8 mile walk to and around the wetlands and Dryham.
03rd July
Chalk Lane, Swanland Dale.
 SE 989 293
HU14 3RA
Leader: Chris McDonald
10:30am Park on lane to Little Wauldby Farm, almost opposite Dale Rd. Swanland. Approx 3 mile walk via Wauldby Scroggs and Wauldby Dam.
17th July
SE 888 430
YO43 3HG
Leader: John Knox
10:30am Park in car park on left in Goodmanham. It is a 3.5 mile walk on roadsides and old railway line via Market Weighton.
07th August

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