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New Group Co-ordinator

Richard Hoyes

My name is "Richard Hoyes" and I am responsible, as New Groups Co-ordinator, for promoting the creation of new interest groups under the auspices of your local Swanland u3a.

I would have liked to address the meeting personally for a few minutes to hopefully create more awareness of what benefits this could possibly lead to. Please read on due to me showing symptoms at home of the Covid -19 virus I am writing this note to you all.

Well, for starters, perhaps we might perhaps remind AGM attendees that we see u3a as having two arms. One arm of course brings all the people together fortnightly to share knowledge and become wiser in general topics that are at the interest of many of us, while creating a social gathering to meet, chat and exchange views.

But, there is another arm there to bring together smaller groups wanting to share that knowledge with a wider range of more specialist subjects. We must surely see u3a as a unique opportunity to do this at the local level, with even some options to share knowledge with other groups nearby. Topics can be educational (e.g. languages and singing), sporting (e.g. walking and gentle ball games!) or just social (e.g. eating out). So, while these opportunities exist, why not give some thought as to how to take advantage of them.

Before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, (and before our last traditional style AGM) we were aware of 67 total groups in existence. At least 17 of these are currently understood to have finished and closed down. At least 2 more are also understood to be on hold due to people stepping down from convening or leading, unavailability of meeting location or whatever. This still means that 48 groups are hoped and believed to still be active one way or another, although admittedly we would welcome confirmation.


The following topics have been suggested for new groups. If you are interested in the subject and would like to help the group ‘take off’ and begin meeting please contact me.

They are:
• Ornithology (Bird Watching).
• Day Visits (by coach) to places of interest - (including stately homes and lunchtime meals out)
• Geocaching!
• Music Appreciation (previous group on hold due to previous leader no longer available)
So, over to you ... Be it one of the above topics, an old one, or one of your own, is there a topic for an Interest Group that would interest you?

Richard Hoyes
New Groups Co-ordinator

Information eMail or see phone numbers in Swanland u3a Newsletter.