Group Diary

If you wish to join a group, contact the groups Convenor. Convenor telephone numbers are in the current Newsletter, or send an email
If you find a group full or wish to suggest a new group please telephone the New Group co-ordinator, John Barrett or contact him by clicking address
Further interest groups are available at other local U3As through the Humber Accord, check our LIST of Humber Accord web addresses for further details.

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Group Name Group Name
Ancient Civilisation (Allan Rymer) Archaeology (Robin Shelley)
Art Appreciation 3 (Margaret Lawrenson) Art-Hands On (Prue Campbell)
Art History (June Clough) Badminton (Ann Berryman)
Book Group (Denise Dukes) Botanic Walks (Andrew Campbell)
Boules. (Christopher Chinn) Bridge Thursdays (Shirley Scotney)
Bridge Mondays (Janet Skipsey) Bridge Duplicate (Keith Stone)
Canasta 1 (Sue Scrowston) Canasta 2 (Sue Scrowston)
Choir (Brenda Wilson) Cinema Visits. (Doreen Wilkinson)
Classical Music Appreciation (June Clough) Creative Writing (John Munson)
Croquet (Margaret Saxby) Discussion Group (Sue Newman)
Family History (Margaret Dickinson) Folk Dancing (Roy Kennington)
French Con 1 (Pauline Dennison) French Conversation 2 (Gill Dalby)
French Conversation 4 (Bernadette Hurley) French Conversation 3 (Janet Aitken)
Gardening (Diane Smithson) German Converation (Hazel Ward)
German Mondays (Gordon McCann) Golf (Sue Jessen & Marian Riley )
Greek Conversation 1 (Sue Newman) Greek Conversation 2 (Sue Newman)
Health & Wellbeing (Sally Seanor) Italian Self-Help (Daphne Ayling)
Jazz & Swing (Ray Sleight) Latin Improvers (Hazel Bishop)
Latin (Pauline Dennison) Literature 1 (Pauline Dennison)
Literature 2 (Ros Billington) Local History (Jan Williamson)
Looking at Churches (John Barratt) Luncheon Club (Sue Scrowston)
Mah Jong (Margaret Saxby) Opera Appreciation (Peter Bingham)
Outdoor Sketching (Richard Pearson) Photography 1 (Bill Ayton)
Photography 2 (Jan Webster) Play Reading 1 (Myrtle Craig)
Play Reading 3 (Barbara King) Quiz Group (Phil Walker)
Read It Aloud (Jennie Thomas) Saturday Supper Club (Sue Newman)
Science & Technology (Roger Hoare) Scrabble (Edith Johnson)
Short Tennis (Lesley Duggan) Singing For Fun (Megan Stone)
Spanish Advanced (Roy White) Spanish Beginners (Hazel Ward) (Wed)
Spanish Improvers (Hazel Ward) (Mon) Spanish Intermediate (Hazel Ward) (Thur)
Theatre Visits (Jean Quantrill) Walking Longer (J Knox)
Walking Short (Alison Peck) Wine Appreciation / Tasting (John Peck)
World War Memories (Robin Shelley)