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Swanland u3a Policies

The Committee has undertaken a review of our existing policies which includes creating a dedicated 'Policy Area' on our website. this contains the following three policies:

  -   Accessibility
  -   Disability
  -   Safeguarding

As these policies have been adopted by the Committee they now represent our working practice. Therefore could you please read them carefully and consider how they impact on your day to day experience as a u3a member.

They are not perfect. The 'Accessibility Policy' mentions an 'Accessibility Officer' who has not yet been appointed ( see below). Whilst lectures are recorded whenever possible so that members can watch if they cannot attend the lecture through disability or ill health we do not as yet have the software to help hearing impaired members. But I consider them workable and a clear indication of good governance.

Please note the following:
  -  Until an Accessibility Officer and Safeguarding Officer are appointed I will be fulfilling both roles having wide experience of these areas as an Assistant Headteacher - admittedly with a younger clientele! When the Committee makes full time appointments I will inform you of the change in contact details etc.

  -  Each policy is reviewed annually (July 2022) and all members of Swanland u3a will be invited to contribute their views. However do not wait until then if you have any questions, queries and of course concerns - I can be contacted on : zoomadmin@swanlandu3a.org.uk

John Munson