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This was Diane Wells's piece for the May on-line Writing Group Meeting. We had all been reading how Helen Sharman the astronaut thought that it was possible that Aliens are living among us, perhaps invisible, as life can take other forms so this story was quite a coincidence....

Creative Writing enables us to create new worlds and people but often we turn to what we know as a foundation. This story makes use of an entertainment technique witnessed by the author at Disney World as well as the title of a famous Ernest Hemingway story.

The Writing Group are spending the summer taking inspiration from ordinary objects found in and around the home. Delphine Robertson has contributed two pieces looking at the world from the point of view of a rubbish Skip and a Garden Shed. The group felt that they were humorous, quirky and very well written – we are sure that you will agree with them!

In this piece, Mariam George imagines the point of view of an old garden shed when faced with new owners and a make over. She unpicks what the changes the owners make mean both to the shed and to themselves.

Gill places a garden shed in a wider context. In this story, two teenage vandals have a second chance to turn their lives around thanks to the gardening activities centred on the shed.

Linda’s short story is about a hoarder who ascends to her attic to begin 'clearing out' prior to moving. The Group enjoyed how she conveyed the sense of peering into a dark and dusty space.

Susan’s short story concerns the very difficult life that many young women and girls were forced to lead around 100 years ago. The Group enjoyed how she used the device of a letter to tell the story and the effect it had on those living in the present.