Gardens and Gardening

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Jane Thompson has contributed this video of a walk through the Wisteria arch in her garden. It is a beautiful experience!

Lettuce, carrots growing in box‘A stab at the good life – lettuce crunchy but carrots are peg size.’ Everything in the picture has obviously received plenty of TLC! Marilyn Allen

Lockdown has changed many of our activities. None more so than those activities around the house and garden.Lawn in good condition One task I set myself was to improve the condition of my lawn. With the absence of the company that previously visiting 5 times a year, to administer chemicals, I had to do it myself. I did some research and soon concluded that 5 times a year was not necessary. The important thing is to provide nutrients to a well drained and weed/moss free lawn, probably 3 times a year. So the first task was to get rid of a large part of the lawn with a scarifier. This was followed by making multiple holes, in the lawn, which I filled with sand. I then administered an organic fertiliser in early May, followed by Iron sulphate ( it makes the grass greener) in June. Between now and late September I will only cut the lawn, then I will provide the lawn with some more nutrients ready for winter. That should last me to next May. I am proud of the result. Jim

Hanging baskets on the side of house The lawn sweeping down into the trees Plants and flower in a well tended border Lovely place to sit and reflect in the gardenRosemary Elliot has submitted this collection of photographs of her garden. Apparently 45% of the population in the U.K. have got through Lockdown by working in their gardens -

Looking at all the different colours in the garden Paved area with seats and tables for relaxing and viewing the garden. looking in the trees at the different colours Dog! Maybe contemplating where to dig. gardening is therapeutic and can ward off depression as there is real joy to be found in watching something you have planted grow into something beautiful.

Peter with chainsaw and stacked logs.'Peter'  Moira Adeney writes:
‘Logging is a hot, dirty job usually endured once a year and for the person holding the logs (me) an extended opportunity to get showered in sawdust. However the lack of alternative diversions, enabled Peter to get his stashes of tree trunks chopped up into suitable sizes. Several sessions have ensured a considerable supply logged and stored thus providing several winters of warmth, exercise, effort and satisfaction of a job well done!’

A poemAnnie Poulose has contributed this poem on gardening which we think captures the joy of a simple (and easy) gardening task , one that does not involve digging or heavy lifting!