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Sue Jessen describes her life in lockdown.

   During Lockdown whilst doing our daily exercise walking around the town and dodging everyone due to social distancing, we reflected on a walk we had done on a bridle path a few years ago

     just 1/4 mile walk from our home and a total of 3.6 miles, ideal for our daily exercise. Not only did we have some lovely views we also met less people to dodge. Keith Taylor

link to pdf document Harper, a trainee Hearing Dog  Teddy, A trainee Hearing Dog Moira Adeney reflects on her work training Hearing Dogs and includes the views of someone who has benefitted from the company of Teddy. It is fascinating and valuable work – thank you Moira.

The following reflections are part of the lockdown period of the Science & Technology group.
During the period of lockdown one of their members suggested that their members write and send in articles on memories of their working lives, changes in technology etc. There were seven contributions from group members and have been emailed to their members and also to those on our fairly large waiting list. The articles have been sent out on a fortnightly basis so has kept us in touch over the last 12 weeks.

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Sue Robertson reflects on Health and Safety in the 1950's.

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Barry Kensett reflects on The Finest Years for an Aircraft Designer.

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Barry Kensett talks about the last 60 years of aircraft manufacture at Brough.

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Joyce Knox reflects on The Development of Technology in Primary Schools.

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Chris Chinn reflects on How changes in technology affected his first post in the RAF.

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John Peck reflects on School Timetabling from the Stone Age to the Present Day.

Link to the Reflections page  Link to the NE 405 Roger Hoare reflects on Working life memories and early days of computing in Hull.
'Installing of a National Elliott computer...' with a short silent video which you can see by clicking HERE!

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Dr. John Knox Reflects on the Computers Improving Efficiency in the NHS.

Link to the Reflections page Robin Shelly’s piece illustrates the many roles that a mechanical engineer can be asked to fulfil in many different countries.

Link to the Reflections page In this piece Christopher Chinn gives a detailed account of how he designed a lifting system for Jumbo Jets whilst working for GEC. As with the other Science and Tech pieces in the 'Reflections' section, Christopher’s account of his working life as well as the processes involved in the project make for fascinating reading. The 'Jumbo Lifting' system was featured on 'Blue Peter' – I actually remember watching it with my sons! We are lucky to have some very talented people in our u3a, thank you Christopher for your piece and thanks also to Roger Hoare for collating and passing on this and all the other pieces.