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Flowers at Flamborough Mo Badby took photos of flora and fauna at Flamborough Head and worked from these in her Art studio.
This one features buttercups and is called ‘Flowers at Flamborough’ – they are blissfully unaware of the lockdown!

Painting of Captain Tom Moore Many people have come forward to support both those affected by the Corona Virus and the NHS staff who care for them. Captain Sir Tom Moore’s fund raising for ‘NHS Charities Together’ is a brilliant example of what can be achieved through commitment and dedication – this splendid painting of him is by Prue Campbell of the ‘Hands On Art’ Interest group.

Moira Adeney of the ‘Hands On Art’ Interest group has submitted this portrait. She writes:
A link to portrait ‘Hands On Art is a friendly group of hobby painters and drawers who enjoy the opportunity to work together. A common problem for amateur artists is putting aside time to paint when alone but a group makes us get together and do something enjoyable. I have found the problem of painting difficult in lockdown and look forward to the group beginning again.
There are always places for new members!’

Portrait QuizDear Friends,
This friendly competition is meant for all of our members. This is the mural 'School of Athens' by Raphael from Vatican Museums. Amongst this brightest and best of antiquity assembled under one roof Raphael has also painted himself. Can you identify the artist? For greater details, you can zoom in. Have fun. There is more to come later. Let us make this 'Creations' interactive and enjoyable. Paul

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Thank you to June Clough for this very challenging Art Quiz. Another one to try with your family or friends Zoom Group or by yourself without recourse to Google.

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Thank you to June Clough for submitting another Art Quiz.

Download a quiz
Thank you to June Clough for submitting another of her fiendishly difficult Art quizzes, ideal for either Zoomed meetings with family or friends or just for challenging yourself over a cup of coffee. Remember: No Googling!.

Watch a video
Thanks to June Clough for submitting this lovely and very original video of choral singing. It is very uplifting and we are sure will be listened to by members time and time again..