Walking Longer 2022


John & Joyce Knox


 Contact:  Check Newsletter.
 Time:       09.45 for 10.00am.
 Meeting:  2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the Month.
 Venue:     To be Notified.

• Fresh air and exercise in the countryside
• Walking distance about 6-7 miles on track and field paths
• Stout shoes or boots needed
• Friendly group of people

Anyone wishing to join the group please contact the convenors John or Joyce Knox.


To find the 'WHAT3WORDS' location please enter the 3 words (eg:clubs.supposing.noon) into the search box HERE!

12th Jan Alison Peck & Keith Sennitt Wauldby Scrogs and Wauldby Manor farm.
SE 996 280
HU14 3QP
Meet at 9.45am. A local walk of 6.2 miles via Meeting at 9.45am. Swanland Pond, or maybe the Swan and Cygnet??
In view of the seasonal holiday and Covid Pandemic etc. Please let us know if you are likely to be walking and would you wish to have lunch at the Swan?
26th Jan John & Joyce Knox The Tiger North Newbald
SE 912 366
YO43 4SA
Meet at 9.45am. Parking at The Tiger North Newbald. It's a 6 mile walk via High Hunsley. One steady ascent and decent.
09th Feb Andrew Campbell Beverley Golf Club
TA 021 385
HU17 8RG
Meet at 9.45 am to order your meal. Park in car park avoiding reserved spaces. The Golf Club is located at the top of the Westwood, opposite the junction of Walkington Road and Keldgate Road.
23rd Feb  John & Joyce Knox The Haven Inn, Barrow Haven
TA 063 231
DN19 7EX
 Meet at 9.45 to order lunch at The Haven Inn, Barrow Haven. 6 mile flat walk on the Humber Bank and Waters Edge Country Park.
09th Mar  John & Joyce Knox Ye Olde Red Lion, Holme on Spalding Moor
SE 812 386
YO43 4AD
 Meet at 9.45 to order lunch. A 6 mile flat walk on old railway line and field tracks via Seaton Ross.
23rd Mar  John & Joyce Knox The Fleece Inn, Bishop Wilton
SE 797 550
YO42 1RU
 Meet at 9.45 . It will be a 6.25 mile walk with two inclines. The Pub want to know numbers in advance, therefore please let John know by 9th March if you will be eating.
13th Apr  John & Joyce Knox The Half Moon at Skidby
TA 017 337
HU16 5TG
 Meet at 9.45am. It is a 6.2 mile walk via Birkhill Wood, Bentley and Fishpond Wood.
27th Apr  John & Joyce Knox Wolds Village Tea Room Bainton
SE 962532
YO25 9EF
 Meet at 9.45am - 6.25 mile walk taking in part of Minster Way, Deep Dale and High Wood. One short sharp incline.

We will need to write down our choices of food and hand in to staff if there, or put through door. It would be advisable for you to look on their website https://woldsvillage.co.uk
11th May  John & Joyce Knox Cave Castle Golf Club
SE 917 310
HU15 2ES
 Meet at 9.45 to order food as usual. It will be a 6.5 mile walk via Little Wold Plantation, Drewton Dale and Everthorpe.
25th May  Andrew Campbell Goodmanham - Londesborough
SE 888 430
YO43 3HG
 Meet at 9.45 am at The Goodmanham Arms to order lunch. Walk starts at 10.00am, it is 6 miles via Londesborough
08th Jun  John & Joyce Knox The Dog and Duck, Walkington
SE 996 371
HU17 8RX
 9.45 am. Parking at Dog and Duck. A walk of 6.7 miles Walkington to Skidby. Generally level and off road.
22nd Jun  John & Joyce Knox The Gait Inn Millington
SE 830 517
Y042 1TX.
 Meet 9.45am, A 6.42 mile walk with two inclines, via Pocklington Wood, Kilnwick Percy and Warren Farm.
13th Jul  John & Joyce Knox The Tiger, North Newbald
SE 912 366
YO43 4SA
 Meet at 9.45 am to order food. It will be a 6 mile walk with some inclines.
27th Jul  John & Joyce Knox The Dacre Arms Brandsburton
TA 116 475
YO25 8RL
 Meet at 9.45 am A 6 mile walk via golf course and Burshill.
10th Aug  John & Joyce Knox Half Moon, Elloughton
HU15 1JP
 6 mile walk via. Brantingham and Ellerker. We are not ordering food in advance, please make your own arrangements. Parking on the road outside the pub.
24th Aug  Graham Whitaker The Plough Inn Allerthorpe
SE 783 473
YO42 4RW
 It will be a 5 mile easy walk along tracks and foot paths Plenty of parking on the street, there is a car park at the rear of the pub for those who are eating.
31st Aug  Graham Whitaker Lockington
SE 996 468
 4.8 miles 10:00am start, a flat walk and relaxed pace. Parking at carpark near St Mary's Church. No local pub so The Molescroft it will be.

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