Walking Longer, Walks 2019.
09th Jan John & Joyce SE 956 273 The Green Dragon, Welton. HU15 1NG Meet 9.45am. Approx. 6 mile walk. Welton Dale, Wauldby Manor and Wauldby Scrogs.
23rd Jan John SE 912 367 The Tiger, North Newbald YO43 4SA. Meet 9.45am. Approx. 6 mile walk, some inclines.Meet 9.45 am. Approx. 6 mile walk. Welton Dale, Wauldby Manor and Wauldby Scrogs.
13th Feb David & Catherine. SE 963 533 Wolds Village Tea Room. Meet 9.45am. 6.5 mile walk via Minster Way, Deep Dale and High Wood. One sharp incline.
27th Feb Avril & Val. TA 116 475 Dacre Arms, Brandsburton. Meet 9.45am. 6 Mile walk via golf course and Burshill.
13th Mar Andrew & Prue Campbell. SE 998 372 Ferguson Fawcett, Walkington. Meet 9.45am. A walk via Skidby and Bentley.
27th Mar Alan & Jennie Boden. TA 018 499 The Molescroft Beverley. Meet 9.45am in lay-by at Watton. Order food at lay-by.
10th April John & Alison Peck. SE 912 367 The Tiger, North Newbald. Meet 9.45am. 6 mile walk via Swin Dale and South Newbald. One incline.
24th April John & Alison Peck. TA 063 231 The Haven Inn, Barrow Haven DN19 7EX. Meet 9.45am. 6 mile flat walk on Humber Bank and Waters Edge Country Park.
08th May John & Joyce Knox. DN14 7HT. The Kings Head, Barmby on the Marsh. Meet 9.45am. Approx 7 mile flat walk on the banks of the Derwent to Loftsome Bridge, Hemingbrough and the bank of the Ouse.
22nd May Prue & Andrew Campbell. SE 932 648 Triton Inn, Sledmere. Meet 9.45am. 6.2 mile walk with some inclines.
12th June Alan & Jennie Boden. SE 930 591 Victoria Inn Wetwang. YO25 9XL Meet 9.45am. Walk via Sledmere Monument.
26th June Joyce Knox. HU14 3QP Swan & Cygnet Swanland. Meet 9.45am. 6.5 mile walk via Nut wood, Turtle Hill & Wauldby Dam.
10th July John & Joyce Knox. YO42 1RU The Fleece Inn, Bishop Wilton. Meet 9.45am. Approx 6 miles some inclines.
24th July Liz & Ivan Blumenthall. DN18 5RG Humber Bridge Country Hotel (Reeds) Meet 9.45am. 6.5mile flat walk along river bank and field paths.
Aug No Walks.
11th Sept John & Alison Peck SE 963 533 Village Tea Room, Bainton Meet 9.45am 6.75 mile flat walk via Oldfield lane, Bracken Cottages, Burn Butts and Neswick Lane.
25th Sept Andrew & Prue Campbell SE 956 273 Green Dragon, Welton. Meet 9.45am. Approx. 6 mile walk. Welton Dale, Wauldby Manor and Wauldby Scrogs.
09th Oct John & Joyce Knox. SE 888 429 Goodmanham Arms, Goodmanham. Meet 9.45 am at Goodmanham car park. 6 or 7.25 mile walk via Londesborough Park and Market Weighton.
23rd Oct Peter Godfrey. TA 168 393 Railway Inn, New Ellerby. HU11 5AP Meet 9.45am at the old station car park next to the Railway Inn. 6 mile circular walk.
13th Nov Alan & Jenny Boden SE 882 550 Wolds Inn, Huggate Meet 9.45am. 6.1 mile walk via Hawold track, Nettle Dale, Jessop’s Plantation, Huggate Sheep Walk & Yorkshire Wolds Way. Generally easy walk with one sharp ascent
27th Nov John & Joyce Knox SE 945 281 Half Moon, Elloughton Meet 9.45 am. 6.5 mile walk via Peggy Farrow lane, Spout Hill, Turtle Hill and Wauldby Dam. Some inclines.
11th Dec John & Joyce Knox SE 912 367
YO43 4SA
The Tiger, North Newbald Meet 9.45 am. Approx.6 mile walk, some inclines.

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