Quiz Group


Phil Walker


 Email:        philwfromhull@yahoo.co.uk
 Contact:    Phone No on Newsletter
 Meetings:  2nd Monday of Month. 7.30 - 9.30pm
 Venue:       North Ferriby Social Club

• Friendly fun, on you own, in pairs or groups
• All Welcome

In our seventh year, we now have a well established, friendly quiz group. Our number has grown to about 50 and usually more than half attend. Members attend on their own or with a partner, friend or a group. People are really made welcome and they quickly settle in. There is spirited competition in the quiz itself but our main aim has been to provide a stimulating enjoyable social evening in a relaxed environment. We have plenty of laughs too. We try to balance teams and set a range of questions wide enough to suit everyone’s knowledge and interests.
There is a charge of £1.00 per person and all contributions go towards prizes and a jackpot draw at the end. Others will be free at any time to set quizzes and be quiz-master if they wish and several members have already done so.
We have had several new members recently and there is no limit at present to our group numbers, so please come along and join us. We meet on the second Monday of each month at the North Ferriby Social Club. The quiz starts at 7.30pm and lasts about two hours.
Please contact me (phone number in diary page) or at philwfromhull@yahoo.co.uk.
Phil Walker

Date Day Contact Venue
April- September Monday 7.30pm Phone No on Newsletter North Ferriby Social Club.