Literature 2


Ros Billington


 Contact:    Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:         2.00pm.
 Meetings:  1st Friday of month
 Venue:       To be Notified.

• A member to discuss a chosen book.
• Book chosen by members may be fiction or non-fiction. • A year’s programme chosen with overall theme.
• Last month devoted to poetry and prose.

Our choice of reading has been eclectic and discussions lively. We have ranged from P.G Wodehouse's 'Thank you Jeeves' (a most enjoyable read) through Iris Murdoch’s 'The Green Knight' (not popular), Jodi Picoult's 'The Pact' (a gripping story) to Amos Oz’s 'A Tale of Love and Darkness' (fascinating, informative, but repetitious and too long). Many members comment that reading someone else’s choice of book is often enlightening – though not always enjoyable!

Lockdown Easing May 2021
Literature Group 2 has 'met' throughout the pandemic by using email. We have agreed our next programme and hope that covid regulations will allow us to meet face to face again. If this is not possible, we will consider other digital means of carrying out our programme. It has been important to our group that we have kept up regular contact despite the difficulties of digital communication.
Ros Billington.

Date Day/Time Contact Venue
 September - December  Friday afternoon 2.00pm  Phone No on Newsletter  Contact Convenor.