Latin Group


Picture of convenor

Pauline Dennison


 Contact:       Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:          10.30 - 12.30pm
 Meetings:      4th Thursday of month.
 Venue:         To Be Notified.

• Translations done for homework then discussed in class
• More translations done together in class

Our group has been very loyal and regular in its attendance at our monthly meetings, which not only stimulate and exercise the brain with translations and grammar practice, but provide interesting information about an ancient way of life, and they never fail to produce humour too.

As the Convenor of the Latin Group I am the 'admin assistant' of our excellent teacher Karla Vickers, who alternates our homework between translations from classic writers e.g. Virgil, to sentences taken from Grammar books compiled to illustrate and test more difficult grammar as we improve our ability to understand the language. Karla always plans our progression and currently is introducing us to Latin poetry and telling us more about Roman life.
Pauline Dennison

Day/Date Time Contact Venue
Thursday 25th January  10:30am  Phone No in Newsletter.  Contact Convenor
Thursday 22nd February  10:30am  Phone No in Newsletter.  Contact Convenor
Thursday 28th March  10:30am  Phone No in Newsletter.  Contact Convenor
Thursday 25th April  10:30am  Phone No in Newsletter.  Contact Convenor
Thursday 23rd May  10:30am  Phone No in Newsletter.  Contact Convenor