Italian Self Help


Daphne Ayling


 Contact:    Telephone No. on Newsletter.
 Time:        10.00 - 12.00pm
 Meetings:  2nd and 4th Wednesday mornings
 Venue:       Contact Convenor

Please Contact Convenor to verify time, dates and Venues

• Servered with with coffee and biscuits
• Hosted by members
• Lively conversation and laughter

The group has nine regular members and meets on the second and fourth Wednesday mornings of each month. Our aim is enjoyment, and activities include speaking, such as exchanging news, listening to tapes or CDs, reading from a variety of sources including original texts, grammar, Italian Scrabble and the occasional meal out. Most members have some record of attending educational classes, we are full at the moment..
Our meetings lately have taken the form of conversation followed by the reading of an Italian text, 'Io non ho paura' which we find stretching but enjoyable.

Lockdown Easing May 2021
The Italian self-help group has been meeting fortnightly throughout successive lockdowns, mostly through Zoom but on Wednesday 26th May for the first time in person. However, numbers have been reduced from our usual ten: not everyone has wanted to participate in Zoom sessions, and health problems have made it difficult for others. However, we have kept in touch and will continue to meet on the second and fourth Wednesday morning in every month.
New members with some knowledge of Italian will be most welcome.
Daphne Ayling.

Date Day Contact Venue
April - September 2nd & 4th Wednesdays Phone No. on Newsletter Contact Convenor