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members playing badmintonWe are a new group who are lucky to have Welton Waters Adventure Centre so near where there are staff who can assist if necessary and the welcome facility of showers and hot drinks! Also, we are less than an hour from the sea. Sadly, river swimming is not an option because of pollution. Wild Swimming in this country inevitably means cold water swimming! Don't let that put you off! There are so many benefits of this for the brave in both mental and physical health. Please contact me if you would like to give it a try.

Cold Water Benefits:
Less muscle soreness ; Improves recovery ; Reduces body pain and inflammation ; Boost your immune system ; Improve circulation ; Boost your brain power ; Potential weight loss (though not guaranteed) through improved metabolism ; Cold adaptation ’ through repeated cold swimming it is possible to bring down blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce fat disposition, inhibit blood clotting and increase libi do ; Good for the skin and hair.

Cold Water Mental Health Benefits:
Manage anxiety, stress and depression ; Increase alertness, clarity and energy levels ; Release endorphins (happy hormones); Feelings of euphoria and achievement and a sense of will power; A sense of community meet others who are swimming to have a lovely time ; Reconnecting with nature.
At this time of year a quick dip is enough for most people. It's surprising how soon you can build up your tolerance to the cold and of course the weather w ill get warmer. If you are interested we would love to hear from you.
Please contact Erika Burney, details on Newsletter or Members area.
Welton Waters Adventure Centre charges £5.00 a session (£2.00 in winter) and the sea of course is free!

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