Family History


Geoff Hoggarth


 Contact:     Phone No Check Newsletter
 Time:         10.00am - 12.00pm.(except Dec. 9.30am)
 Meetings:  1st Friday of the Month.
 Venue:        North Ferriby Village Hall.

• Meeting starts with a talk given by a member or guest
• All keen to learn how and where information can be found
• Excited discussion on discoveries
• Plans for at least one visit to an Archive or Historic family home

Would you like to find out who your ancestors were, how and where they lived, what they did and explore your family’s amazing journey? Then do come and join this inquisitive, friendly group and delve into how it’s done – by documents, anecdotes, photos, objects, maps, visits etc, on-line and DNA. Hear of surprises, successes, frustrations, unusual jobs/careers, generations of fathers with the same name, changes of fortune, unconventional family arrangements, famous or infamous people that belong in members’ family trees and much, much, much more.

Meetings are monthly, on the First Friday (except August) in North Ferriby Village Hall. You will be very welcome – experience useful but not necessary. Please contact the Convenor as the group occasionally meets elsewhere.

We've started New Year, in the New Venue – North Ferriby Village Hall back room. C19 permissions applied - including good ventilation, touch points and hand sanitising and social distancing. The long-awaited Face-to-Face meeting was much enjoyed by everyone - we plan to keep them happening You are welcome to join us. You will hear detective stories with surprises and frustrations and get hints for finding information and much, much, more.

Date/Time Subject/Speaker Magazine Reviewer Convenor
 03rd Sept. 10.00am  A School Evacuation;John Peck  Margaret Dickinson  Geoff Hoggarth
 01st Oct. 10.00amrd  My Grandfather William; John Scotney  Gaynel Munn  Margaret Dickinson
 05th Nov. 10.30am  August Olofsson, a Great Grandfather from Sweden; Geoff Hoggarth  John Peck  Trevor Seanor
3rd Dec. 09.30am  Mini Histories  Group members  Margaret Dickinson
 07th Jan. 10.00am  My Family Tree; Louise Wreathall  Trevor Seanor  Gaynel Munn
 04th Feb. 10.00am  From Rugeley and Knaresborough to Royalty and Slavery; Malcolm Lawrenson  Roger Hoare  Geoff Hoggarth
 04th Mar. 10.00am  Alan Hopper  Peter Adeney;  Trevor Seanor
 08th Apr. 10.00am  Heirloom talks; Group members.  Alan Boden  Geoff Hoggarth
 06th May 10.00am  Some holidays recorded in Ye Family Pie journal (1910 -1934); Peter Adeney    Dianne Loveridge
 17th Jun. 10.00am  A Visit  Details to be decided  
 01st Jul. 10.00am  Lockdown Discoveries; Trevor Seanor    Gaynel Munn
Any queries to Geoff Hoggarth please