Creative Writing


John Munson


 Contact:    Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:         10.30am.
 Meetings:   2nd Tuesday in Month.
 Venue:        Contact Convenor.

• We write stories, poems, plays, personal and discursive
• .... on themes and topics such as the abstract, autobiography, travel and social problems
• We discuss our work through constructive and positive feedback
• We study famous writers , aspects of writing and attend performances
• View our work on the Swanland u3a website.

Lockdown Easing July 2021
If you look around your house and garden there must be over a hundred objects that you take for granted. Perhaps an old suitcase in the attic; a clock on the wall or a garden rubbish skip. Each member of our group nominated one of these ob-jects for everyone else to include in a piece of writing, either directly or indirectly. So, the clock symbolised the importance of time in a story about a top journalist and her very different sister and a wedding ring was unceremoniously deposit-ed in the skip. Our other topic for this year featured everyday characters from our families and community such as a postman and a teenager.

Group members were pleased to contribute to the 'Creations' section of our website - from the thoughts of a Garden Shed to laughing at Lock-down we hope we cheered you up. And if anyone would like to take up writing as a hobby, please read my 'Beginners Guide' in the 'Discovery' section.
John Munson.

Date Day/Time Contact Venue
 10th May  Tuesday morning10.30am.  Telephone No on Newsletter  Contact Convenor.
 14th June  Tuesday morning 10.30am.  Telephone No on Newsletter  Contact Convenor.
 12th July  Tuesday morning 10.30am.  Telephone No on Newsletter  Contact Convenor.
 09th August  Tuesday morning 10.30am.  Telephone No on Newsletter  Contact Convenor.
 13th September  Tuesday morning 10.30am.  Telephone No on Newsletter  Contact Convenor.
 11th October  Tuesday morning 10.30am.  Telephone No on Newsletter  Contact Convenor.