Looking at Churches


John Barratt


 Contact:   Telephone No. on Newsletter.
 Time:        2.00pm.
 Meetings  First (1st) Wednesday of Month.
 Venue:      Contact Convenor.

• Visit a local church once a month
• A guided tour
• £1.00 each visit
• 20 Members
• Coffee and cake

The group is still discovering new, interesting, rural and urban churches in our locality. Each church offers a free guided tour, with information about the past and present, relating to the church and surrounding environment. We study the inside and outside of each building and are free to ask questions.
We can now recognise certain architectural features, which are indicative of the different periods in history! However, there is always more to learn!
Due to Covid-19 the group is suspended until further notice.

Date Day Contact Venue
September - January Wednesday 2.00pm Contact Convenor Phone No. on Newsletter