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Sue Scrowston


 Contact:    Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:         10.00am - 12.00pm.
 Meetings:   Wednesday Weekly.
 Venue:        Members Homes, Contact Convenor.

• Tea/Coffee at start
• Catch up with friends
• Helps to keep mind active
• Play serious but light hearted
• Tuition given at first
As our meetings are held in people’s homes the number that can be accommodated is limited, so at the moment I cannot accept new members.

Lockdown Easing May 2021
I will be contacting members by email indicating that I hope to restart meetings of up to a maximum of 6 people in a house, at a time to suit each group of 6, after May 17th. I feel we do not need to be restricted to Wednesday/Friday mornings as in the past as most of us have a lot more spare time to fill.
Sue Scrowston

Date Day Contact Venue
May - December Wednesday 10.00am - 12.00pm. Phone No on Newsletter Contact Convenor.