Wild Flower Walks


John Bailey


 Contact:    Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:          09.45am.
 Meetings:  1st Mon and 3rd Fri April to Sept.
 Venue:        Contact Convenor.

• Identify plants in different habitats
• Distance covered approx 1 mile
• Each walk lead by a different member
• Member should own wild flower book
• Walks planning meeting March 2022
• New members are welcome.

The aim of the group is to observe and identify the flowering plants in particular habitats be it woodland, verges, quarries streams or marsh land from spring through to autumn and to gradually improve each members knowledge of wild plants in the countryside. Many of the plants are related to garden varieties and we look at the characteristics of the wild plants and we try to select times in particular habitats when orchids or other special plants will be in flower.

The Wild Flower Walking group generally meets twice per month, on the First Monday and third Friday, each walk is lead by different members of the group who will have reconnoitred the area before group meet. A list of the plants seen is taken by the convenor or group leader.

To get the most out of this activity it is useful for each member to have their own wild flower identification book and a magnifying glass or jeweller's loop for detailed study of some of the plants.

A programme for the seasons walks will be arranged at a meeting in February and issued by end March and will be on our u3a website. Details of exact location and parking will be issued prior to each walk.
John Bailey


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Date Day Location Grid Ref. Leader Notes
04th April Mon TBA TBA

20th April Fri TBA

01st May Mon TBA

19th April Fri TBA