Ancient Civilisation


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Allan Rymer


 Contact:     Phone No on Newsletter.
 Time:          2.30 - 4.30pm.
 Meetings:   Fourth (4th) Wednesday of Month.
 Venue:        2.30pm at members’ homes.

• The Group covers groups from cultural and technological development
• Members have opportunities to do some research and contribute to discussion or just listen
• Topics so far 5000BC, Indus Valley, Chinese Dynasties, Maya etc
• Meeting lasts approximately 2 hours with tea and biscuits served about half way through.


We have started meeting together once a month in each other's houses and socially distanced as much as possible.
We are only a small group and have managed to keep in touch during the worst lockdown.
Our current discussion is based in Asia and September month's topic was the Vietnamese Civilisation which followed on from the Cambodian Civilization with one of our members having been on a cruise along the Mekong River and having a wonderful photographs to show the group.
Our meetings are every fourth Wednesday of the month and start at 14.30 and lasts approximately 2 hours.
Allan Rymer

Date Day / Time Contact Venue
 January to May  Contact Convenor  Phone No on Newsletter.  Contact Convenor.