Summer Scenes

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Heron wading in wetlandsA wading Heron in lake. Heron wading in a lakeA Mute Swan in pondAlison Peck took these photographs at Alkborough. Both Herons and Swans are very striking birds in very different ways.

Collection or Rainbow drawings Barbara Hoag has contributed a compilation of Rainbows showing local support for the NHS.

Female Sparrow hawk perched on a bench. John Munson snapped this female sparrow hawk through a window using his iPhone...then had to clear away its lunch of Wood Pidgeon which was thankfully out of shot!.

Pink flowers in full bloomPlant leaves with water droplets on themA raindrop, with a reflection of the garden in it These were taken by John Knox and show how a garden can provide really stunning and original photograph opportunities.

Harper, a trainee Hearing Dog Moira Adeney has submitted this picture of Harper, the Hearing Dog. Our pets are always a comfort, especially in difficult times.

Blue Tit with grub in beak, ready to feed chick.The Agapanthus or African Lily in bud. Paul has submitted these picture taken in his garden over the Corvid lockdown, The first is a Blue Tit transporting a meal to it’s chick waiting in the nest and an Agapanthus in bud.