Jazz & Swing


Ray Sleight"


 Contact:    Telephone No. on Newsletter.
 Time:         2.00 - 4.00pm.
 Meetings:  Second (2nd) Tuesday of Month.
 Venue:       To be Notified.

• All kinds of Jazz and Swing
• Presentations, records, videos
• Come and enjoy great music

The Jazz group continues with a varied programme at our house. We have a varied programme, listening to music chosen by members, and also using the TV at times.

We have a full membership so cannot accept new members at present.
I do not anticipate any Jazz group meetings in the near future until all restrictions are removed.
Meetings are held indoors in my home and it would be impossible to maintain social distancing.
Ray Sleight.

Date Day Contact Venue
September -January 2nd Tuesday Telephone No in Newsletter Contact Convenor