Literature 1
Convenor Information
Picture of ConvenorPauline Dennison  Contact:        Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:            2.30 - 4.30pm.
 Meetings:      1st Friday of month
 Venue:          Members' Homes.

• including tea break
• Members suggestions form a book list
• One book discussed each month

Once a month the Group reads and discusses one book from the year’s schedule, which is democratically chosen by members each June. We rarely agree in our criticism, which makes for lively discussions, often producing amusement and even hilarity! We have just realised that since the Group’s inception we have read and reviewed 150 books, though, at our age, we may not remember all the titles!
   Pauline Dennison.

Date Day/Time Contact Venue
June - September 1st Friday 2.30pm Phone No on Newsletter Contact Convenor.