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The Committee List March 2019 - March 2020 with contacts, The current Newsletter / and older newsletters, Committee minutes and contact numbers for Events are available by Logging into the Members Page.
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Due to the risk from Covid-19 infection to the health and well being of our members, At the onset of lockdown we were unsure of the length we would be restricted so we put July as August is meant to be holidays for our u3a and we were hoping things would be OK by September. But situation is still unclear and therefore Thursday afternoon meetings will remain suspended until further advice from the Government is received.
For more up to date information please read the report on our The Chair's page


Information for all members.

John Munson a member of our U3A Committee has put forward an idea to celebrate the resilience that we have all shown over the last few, very difficult months together with the wide range of creative talents in our U3A.

Accordingly, he is organising a project called ‘Creations…’ that will showcase some of the activities that you may have enjoyed and that have helped you get through ‘Lockdown’. If there is anything that you have done that you wish to share with others please send it to John and it will be displayed on our Swanland U3A website where it will both help and inspire other members and hopefully prospective members.

What is mean by ‘creative activities’?

Gardening…  If you are proud of your garden why not submit a photograph and a short account of anything special that you may have done.

Cooking…  Could you share that special recipe to inspire other cooks?

Writing…  Perhaps you have enjoyed writing poetry, short stories or your autobiography. You are welcome to submit either an extract or a whole text.

Art…  I know that many U3A members enjoy painting and drawing – please submit a photograph of your work.

Crafts…  Have you made or repaired anything? Please let us know what and how – again a photograph would be useful in showing what you have achieved.

Photography…  Please feel free to submit any of your special photographs.

Reviews…  You may have a favourite book, box set, film, music or television programme – if so you can submit a review.

Reflections…  Please think about the changes you have made and reflect whether they could be submitted.

You do not have to be a member of a specific Interest Group to submit work from their area e.g. many of us enjoy gardening but are not members of the Gardening Group.
There is no deadline for submissions.

Please e mail John with your work to this address :

To view the activities sent in by the members please go to main menu and follow links to the various pages and to see the larger picture or full article, please select the small picture on left. If there are a series of pictures please hover your cursor on the right or left for 'Prev' or 'Next'.

Earlier this year the Committee acted on a suggestion made at the Convenors meeting asking for more details and a better idea of what is involved in each of the interest groups. After consultation with all the Convenors, Peter Dickinson and Rosi Rawson created what is intended to be a ’booklet’ that can used by both members and newcomers to the U3A in the future. In the meantime, we have added it to the shorter version of the Newsletter for you to retain. Hopefully you may also find another group to try when things improve.

Paul Poulose our Chair periodically keeps in touch with the members through his 'Letter from the Chair' please check on the 'Chair's Page

There are some of our activities running during our lockdown, if any other groups have interesting events / occurrences during our this lockdown let everyone know by contacting the webmaster.

Good to Talk (TELEPHONE CHAT).

If any of our members would like to receive a telephone call for a chat, you are most welcome to call Hazel Ward on 01482 849168. Hazel has kindly “volunteered “to take this on. If there is enough interest, we will make a request for more volunteers.

Swanland U3A: Facebook Group

With the world isolating because of the Coronavirus we have for our members, a Swanland U3A Facebook group has been started to be a place to share our ideas, to maintain contact with our groups learning and interests and to keep in touch with each other. Click here to View / Join.

Treasurer’s Note

During lockdown contactless payment has been introduced. There have been less payments than usual, due toless activity of the groups, but there still has been a need for some to be made.
It has been agreed with St Barnabas and the Swanland Village Hall that all payments by the Treasurer will, in future, be by bank transfer. The accounts with both St Barnabas and Swanland Village Hall have been reconciled.
There is a small refund due from St Barnabas and there have been some payments to and refunds from theSwanland Village Hall.
I am sure we are all looking forward to all the groups coming back to life.Jim Munday, Treasurer

Swanland U3A

Do we need to recruit New Members?

Swanland U3A has one of the largest memberships in the whole region. Currently there are about 600 members.Generally, we take in about 40 new members each year, though we also lose about 40 through natural wastage. Sowhy do we need to gain more members if the situation is so healthy? Several factors come into play:

It is important that our U3A does not stagnate. We need new people coming in to bring new ideas, new ways ofdoing things and to help run our U3A. A U3A like ours is particularly vulnerable because we are all getting older andeventually less able to participate; therefore, we continually need new and especially recently retired members;It is also important to attract new members to help run the U3A. There may not be enough people in our U3A to volunteer for all the different tasks that are necessary for the organisation to flourish. It is already difficult to findpeople to join the Committee, become an Officer, help with the sound system or be on the rota for setting outchairs for our regular Thursday afternoon meetings.

News media and social research tells us that there are many retired people who find time on their hands and a reducedcircle of friends. Some may have moved to a new area for personal or family reasons. We know from ourown experiences in U3A how much membership of a common interest group can bring pleasure and new socialcontacts.

Our members often express surprise at how many retired or semi-retired people one meets who have never heard of U3A. Recruitment and publicity was discussed widely at the recent convenors meeting and a number of thingswere agreed. We need to publicise in local magazines and in places frequented by potential membersExperience shows that people are most likely to join an organisation through direct personal contact with an existingmember. Even better if we invite a potential member to come with us to a Thursday lecture or interest groupmeeting. The importance of making new members welcome was agreed and steps have been taken to improve thewelcome of new members to Thursday lecture meetings.

Some A5 flyers have been printed and every member is asked to have a few to give to anyone who enquires aboutU3A or who they think may be interested. Group convenors are asked to distribute copies to members and moreare available at Thursday meetings at St Barnabas church hall or by contacting a member of the group coordinating publicity which comprises John Munson, John Peck and Robin Shelley.

The issue of the possibility of ‘University’ in our title putting people off is often discussed - not only people who haven’t been to university but also those for whom university was not a happy experience. Many of our interest groups cannot be considered ’academic’ but all groups give the opportunity for social contact. It seems that we cannot eliminate the use of the word altogether but we can play it down by not using it in our publicity material, except as ‘U’. Every member is asked to consider these issues carefully and to look out for potential new members.
Robin Shelley and John Peck

Discover new interests Make new friends

Members of Swanland U3A, comprising 600 retired or semi-retired people, participate in more than 60 regular interest groups a few are listed below:

Please click on Group item to go to activity page with more information.
U3A Group Activities
Archaeology Ancient Civilisations Art History Classical Music Badminton Books
Boules Bridge Canasta Choir Cinema Creative Writing
Croquet Discussions Family History Folk Dancing French Garden
Modern Greek German Golf Health & Wellbeing Italian Jazz & Swing
Latin Local History Mah Jong Opera Photography Play Read
Quizzes Science & Technology Scrabble Short Tennis Singing Tai Chi
Theatre Spanish Walking, Long Walking, Short Wine Tasting  

Annual holidays, often abroad, and group weekend and day visits are regularly arranged for members.
A good way to start is to attend a 2.00pm meeting on the 1st or 3rd Thursday in the month at St Barnabas' Church Hall to hear an interesting talk on a variety of topics. Also please check out the Group Activity Pamphlet

Creative Writing

Nine Writers In Search Of An Audience.
We in the Swanland U3A 'Creative Writing' Group are all from very different backgrounds and enjoy diverse interests; what we have in common is a shared love of Creative Writing. Now in our seventh year, we have covered topics ranging from Crime fiction through to Travel Writing, producing plays, poems and short stories.
We share our work with each other, family and friends but would like to invite other U3A members to read our stories and poems on the Members Section Swanland U3A website. (Login Access above)
We hope you find them both enjoyable and interesting.

Yorkshire & Humber Region (YAHR)

Swanland U3A is one of the 55 U3As in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. Events are organised by the YAHR committee for the benefit of all its members.

Most events for 2020 have been cancelled due to the Corvid-19 virus and you can get updates on the YAHR website.

Could members, group convenors and committee members please join the YAHR eMailing list to be kept up to date with the workshops, study days and other events that the region is organising, go to Home page, scroll down and click on ‘News Sign-Up’

It is with regret that YAHR chair Barbara Dransfield resigned due to health issues. Vice chair Mick Richings was asked and agreed to step up as Acting Chair and is to seek re-election at this year’s AGM.

YAHR are always looking for people to join their Team, if anyone is interested please contact any member of the Management Team, see YAHR website for details.

Thursday Meeting.

Thursday Lecture Series: held in St Barnabas Church Hall. As you are aware, our Lecture Series have not been held during the last few months. However, could you recommend a speaker, or would you be prepared to speak at our Thursday meeting when things improve?
If so, please contact Veronika Keczkes –
Phone number on Committee list

Swanland U3A Website

Keep up to date through our website at and amend by using the email:
Please note most photographs in the newsletter can be viewed on-line in colour.

National U3A Day:

The very first national U3A Day – celebrating the learning, activity and fun that happens every day in U3As across the country – U3A National Day has been rescheduled to Thursday 1st October 2020.

The day Swanland U3A will celebrate the National U3A Day will be discussed nearer the National U3A date.

Each U3A is invited to mark the day by showcasing what they do – from displays, parades, flashmobs or performances – the day will show all the learning, activities and fun that make the movement so amazing.

If you are not currently a U3A member, we’d love you to come along to your local U3A event and help us celebrate the new experiences and fun we are having in the third stage of our lives. And if you want to get involved but you are not yet a member – why not consider joining?

Newsletter Deadline.

Due to Corvid-19 virus the Newsletter has not be published in May but there was one in June
Will convenors please give all diary updates for their groups to be included in a Newsletter to
Many thanks. Newsletter Editor - June Clough

Copyright Licence.

The Third Age Trust has entered into an agreement with the Copyright Licensing Agency to allow any participating U3A to multi-photocopy and digitally copy books, journals, magazines and original print material for educational purposes. Swanland U3A has paid the annual fee of £60.00 to enable it to take advantage of the agreement. Please note that the photocopying of music is not covered.

Parking at St Barnabas.

Please park thoughtfully in the St Barnabas car park to maximize the number of cars that can get parked while leaving space where the bollard denotes a reservation for a guest speaker.