The Chair

Swanland U3A

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Dear Friends,
In these difficult and trying circumstances I am sure you are doing your best to stay safe and well. Three long months have passed since we have been in lockdown which has put to test our state of physical and mental health and our ability to cope with isolation. We are faced with conflicting health recommendation and advice with the ultimate responsibility upon us to make the right choice. I am sure that you will consider our greater vulnerability to Covid-19.

Whilst we remain in lockdown, our Committee and some of our Convenors have been working hard to keep us together and engaged and at times entertained. I would like to thank those members for their initiative and dedication.
These are some of the initiatives our U3A have taken since we last met.

1 Swanland U3A Group Face Book page.
2 Updating of Web Site.
3 Producing this Interim Newsletter.
4 Committee Meeting by Zoom.
5 Continuing activities by some of our Interest Groups. You will read about these in '72 Issue' June newsletter.

The Committee would like to see greater participation by Interest Groups which is a true measure of our determination to negotiate this crisis.
Even though we now face the difficult task of holding our spirits high, I am confident that in the end our resilience and resolve will prevail, and we can look forward to better times ahead.
Finally, a big Thank You to June and Rosi for producing the Newsletter at short notice.

With best wishes to you, your families and friends, Yours in U3A,
Paul Poulose

Swanland U3A - Treasurer’s Report.

Ref: AGM 19th March 2020 and Regular Thursday meetings

Dear Member,
On account of the escalating National Corona Virus crisis, an urgent Committee meeting was held on Monday morning 16th March 2020 and the following decisions were taken.
Considering the significant risk from Covid-19 infection to the health and well being of our members if we were to continue to meet, the Committee unanimously took the decision to postpone the AGM to be held on 19th March 2020 at 2.00pm until further notice.
Similarly a unanimous decision was also taken to cancel regular bimonthly Thursday afternoon meetings and talks until the end of July 2020.
Convenors are advised to assess the risk to individual groups based on National guidelines and advise from Third Age Trust when making a decision to hold Interest Group meetings and/or activities.
A full version of the minutes of the Committee meeting will follow in due course.
I appreciate your co-operation.
In the mean time follow the national Guidelines and take care.
Best Wishes to you and your family
Yours in U3A