Classical Music Appreciation
Convenor Information
u3aJune Clough  Contact:        Telephone No on Newsletter.
 Time:            2.00pm - 4.00pm.
 Meetings:      3rd Tuesday of the Month.
 Venue:          Village Hall in Swanland.

• Professor Newbould selects the music
• Piano and spoken explanation
• Works then played via CD
The meeting is led by Professor Brian Newbould, who chooses the pieces of music. Sometimes there is an explanatory handout but always the work is commented upon and often illustrated on the piano to show the themes etc. The whole work is then played through. We have a half time break for a drink and biscuits, before finishing at 4.00pm. We can accommodate a few new members as we have a large room at the Village Hall in Swanland.
June Clough

Date Day Contact Venue
June - September Tuesday 2.00pm. Phone No on Newsletter. Village Hall.