Art Appreciation 3

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Convenor Information
Lucie Wilson
 Contact:  Phone No on Newsletter.
 Time:       10.00am.
 Meeting:  "2nd Thursday of Month.
 Venue:     Contact Convenor.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month in members' homes and our programme is extremely diverse. This year we have had talks, some with accompanying DVDs, on Freud, Ruskin, Bernini and about the art of portrait painting. We have enjoyed seeing selections of paintings depicting various aspects of Spring and have visited the York Art Gallery. Further meetings will look at 'The London Group' and also at paintings of Autumn scenes. If you would like to join us please contact the convenor.
Margaret Lawrenson.

Date Day Time Venue
January - May Contact Convenor 10.00am Telephone No on Newsletter Contact Convenor