Ancient Civilisation
Convenor Information
u3aAllan Rymer  Contact:        Phone No on Newsletter.
 Time:            2.30pm.
 Meetings:      Fourth (4th) Wednesday of Month.
 Venue:          To be Notified.

Ancient Civilisations
We meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 14.30pm and finish about two hours later with tea and biscuits served about half way through. Our next set of discussions will be on the Gandhara 1500 to 500 BC located round Pakistan and Afghanistan, followed by the Babylonians and the Hittites. We are a small group and always looking for new members to join in our discussions and general chats about ancient civilisations.
Allan Rymer

Date Day/Time Contact Venue
January - May Contact Convenor 2.30pm. Phone No on Newsletter. To be Notified.